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International Arrivals

International arrivals in Georgia have been growing rapidly over recent years. The highest number of arrivals stated in 2016 – 6,360,503, with the annual growth of 7.8%. The highest growth rate to date was registered in 2012, when the number of international arrivals increased by 56.9%.
The most popular season among international travelers is summer. During this season, the number
of international arrivals amounted up to 2,131,902 (33.5% of all international arrivals) in June, July and August.

The majority of all international arrivals – 83.6%, is registered from neighboring countries, 4.2% from EU countries and 12.2% from other countries.The largest share of arrivals is from Azerbaijan — 1,523,703. There was also asignificant growth of Iranian (+122,664), Russian(+112,606) and Ukrainian (+33,124) travelers. Thisgrowth was primarily the result of new direct flights,press trips and tourism sector development campaigns bythe Georgian National Tourism Administration.

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