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Night Life

Tbilisi nightlife is extraordinarily inspiring, active and lively, frequently impressing international guests and press. Bassiani, founded in 2014,is the largest techno club in Georgia, designed to accommodate around 1,200 people. Bassinaiis the most prominent nightclub, famous for its frequent outstanding events, even inviting DJs and producers from abroad. The club is located in the building of the city’s largest sports venue, the Dinamo Arena, and utilizes a disused swimming pool as the main dance-floor. You can find details about DJs and events on the following website: https://bassiani.com/

The next most popular and stunning techno nightclub in Tbilisi is Khidi, opened in 2016. Khidi is famous for its amazing arts line-ups, superb lighting and incredible dance-floor. Khidi regularly has exquisite events, where it impresses guests with unforgettable emotions. The club is only open during events. Everyone should register on the website https://khidi.ge/and get verified in order to purchase online tickets. You go to face control before entering.

Spacehallis Bassiani affiliated,one of the most popular multi-functional space, which offers its stage to electronic music event and the best contemporary live bands from all over the world. But that’s not the all, Spacehall is frequently used for cultural events, such as conferences, films screenings and workshops.  It is an omnibus to share new and exciting ideas of different fields of arts. Detailed information about location, events and registration is provided on official website: https://spacehall.com/

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