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Georgian museums

Georgian museums, exhibiting various and diverse artefacts strengthen the opinion, that Georgia has rich history. Georgian National Museum was established in 2004 and it unites 10 museums, National m Gallery, 4 house-museum and 2 science research centers. Georgian National Museums offers ancient remains of human beings, unique archeological and ethnographic artefacts, rich cultural heritage, paintings, embroidery, porcelain enamel, primary eastern monuments, collection of numismatics, tenderly cultivated jewelry of gold and silver in its exhibition halls.

In Tbilisi you can visit Museum of Georgian History, Museum depicting Soviet Occupancy, National Gallery, Museum of Art and Museum of Georgia, Ethnographic Open Air museum at Turtle Lake. Another museums are spread across the country –Sighnaghi Museum, Dmanisi reserve-museum, Archeological Museum of Vani, Museum of Svaneti and etc.

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