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Located at the crossroads of East and West, Georgians embraced various cultural particularities and beautifully interweaved different taste patterns. Georgian cuisine is the rich interplay of the freshest greens,delicacy sauces, all kinds of meat, exquisite seasonings, dairy. Flavor and aroma you experience about Georgian dishes is distinct and unforgettable. Georgian cuisine is so diverse, each region prides its own uniqueness. West is prominent for its fiery spices and corn based dishes, while wheat dishes is dignity of Eastern regions.

The one of most outstanding and honorable dish is Adjaruli Khachapuri. As it is originated from Coastal area of Georgia, symbolically it has the shape of Boat and has full egg on top. The egg is often associated with sun. If you would like to taste bona fide Adjaruli Khachapuri, visiting coastal cities of Adjara, especially Batumi and Kobuleti is indeed worthy.

Samegrelo is distinguished with its unique cheese – Sulguni, with soar, little salty flavor and elastic consistency really astonishes everyone.  With Sulguni Megrealians prepare Elarji. Corn flour and Sulguni boiled together, Elarji is stretchy and little salty dish. Megrelians greatly appreciate Elarji and only prepare on special occasions.

The trademark of Khinkali, abroad known as Georgian dumplings, originated from Tusheti. Tushetian Khinkali is filled with lamb, cheese, potato or sometimes mushrooms. Khinkali is most favorite dish generally in Georgia and usually present at gatherings.


Traditional Georgian Pkhali is a board of selected different appetizers. Usually eggplant, spinach or red pepper is mingled with chopped greens, walnuts, vinegar and seasonings. Imeretians prepare various types of Pkhali and have it with Mchadi – cornbread.

Famous Georgian sweet – Churchkhela, abroad known as Georgian Snickers, is undoubtedly outstanding snack. Almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts are threaded onto a string and dipped into thickened creamy, sweet grape juice. Traditional technology of preparing Churchkhela was originated from Kakheti.

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